Welcome to our survey on what we should do with the Oundle Library.

This survey is a trial to see whether this method of communicating with the residents of Oundle is an effective one or not. Therefore we hope that you will be happy to complete it and it is a very short survey. Its purpose is to help steer the council into considering its options for the future of Oundle Town Library, based on the recent announcement from Northants County Council on the impact proposed budget cuts for 2018-19 will have on the future of libraries in the County.
Please enter your postcode *

We need to have a rough idea of where you live. This helps us work out how much the library is used by people within Oundle Town but also in villages and communities nearby.
Would you be happy for the Town Council to consider taking control of the Town Library as a community group? *

In the most recent edition of the Oracle and in the New Valley News, there is an article that refers to the future of the Town Library. Please read through or contact the council on Emma@oundle.gov.uk for a version of this article.

At this early stage and having read through the article, we are asking the following question in general. It is not a decision from the council but the results of the survey will be used as a guide to help steer the council based on the wishes of the residents of the town.
If the Town Council took control of the Library, what are your thoughts on the following points. *

As the article points out the impact on the Town Council taking control of the library will be a change to the precept we charge as a council as part of the overall Council Tax bill for residents.

Do you use the Library? *

In order to help the Council with their decision, we hope you will be happy to answer a short survey of your use and opinion of the current setup of the Library. These will all be taken into consideration in future plans for the Library and to ensure it best serves the local community.

We hope to find out how the library is currently used, please answer one of the questions below.

What do you use the Library for? *

Select all that apply. If you answered that you do not use the Library - select the  - I do not use the Library option and move onto the next question.

What time would you like the Library to open? *

Select ALL the options that you think would be most suitable for the Library to be open. We are also looking at suggestions not on this list, so please select the OTHER option where you can add your own suggestion(s).

What do you like MOST about our Library?

Please provide a description of the things you like best about the Library.
What do you DISLIKE/LIKE LEAST about our Library?

Please provide a description of the things you like least about the Library.
Is there something MISSING from the current Library services. What else should the Library provide?

If you feel you have a suggestion about additional services the Library could provide then please put them down here.

Also if you have suggestions on how the Library can operate differently in the future, we are keen to hear these as well. An example could be to act as hub for running training courses in IT/Tablets/The Internet etc.
Thank you for taking the time to give us your opinion. It WILL be of tremendous help to the Town Council in deciding the future direction for the Town Library.

The Mayor

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